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Cinematographer . Photographer . Editor . Conservationist . Drone Pilot

I am an independent environmental filmmaker, focusing on highlighting nature's beauty and exposing practices that can be detrimental for wildlife worldwide.

I first moved to Melbourne to get a Bachelor in Film Production, which trained me in all areas of the film industry (writing, casting, directing, pre-production, production, camerawork, sound design, grading and editing). My final year short film won me a 1st prize at Iron International Short Film Festival and the only Certificate of Achievement given to an international student by University of Canberra/Holmesglen that year.

Amazed by Australia's deadly and non-deadly animals, I decided to deepen my knowledge of wildlife and its conservation. I documented non for profit wildlife shelters and how they are affected by the rescue and rehabilitation system; embarked on an avian ecology internship (China); filmed a docu-fiction as a freelancer and initiated a mini-series for a theatre/film company (Italy).

As part of a master in Wildlife Conservation and Drone Applications, I was fortunate enough to conduct a conservation project to determine the impact of drones on wildlife (Tanzania) and a research project in collaboration with RSPB (Scotland). I assisted in a bird conservation Phd project in Argentina, and then worked as a videographer/ photographer and wildlife rehabilitation assistant in Costa Rica.

Now working as a freelance wildlife filmmaker/photographer and helping to promote NGOs committed to protecting wildlife and combating all types of wildlife crime.

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